I am currently working on several academic and policy projects that fall under various broad research streams.


regime complexity regional organizations

  1. Divergent Paths to Regime Complexity in Asia and Europe (with Andrew Yeo)

  2. Breaking bad? How and why IOs expand their role in the governance of cybersecurity (with Patryk Pawlak)

  3. Circumventing or Strengthening the Formal? Informal Regional Security Initiatives in South America (with Kai Michael Kenkel)

  4. The Variable Geometry of Organizational Membership: Full Members and Association Agreements (with Anamarija Andreska, Erna Burai, Juanita Uribe)

international order • normative encounters and ambiguities

  1. Normative Encounters in International Order(s): Organizational Competition for Peace and Security (book manuscript)

  2. Constructivism and Changing Normative Orders (book chapter for Oxford Handbook on Peaceful Change in International Relations) (with Erna Burai)

domain-specific multilateralism

  1. Measuring the Topology of Complexity: Institutionalization, Clustering, and Centralization (with Cédric Dupont and James Hollway)

  2. Providing security: A typology of security organizations

national foreign policy

  1. Foreign Military Influence and the Politics of Semisovereignty: The Role of U.S. Troops on National Identities in Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of Korea (with Seo-Hyun Park)